The Hands

The Hands

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening wherever you are! As you know, today’s blog is a PKE or Preacher’s Kid Experience. This time, it is fairly recent. Specifically, this yesterday or Sunday if you live in the US.

Typically, I have some trepidation about sharing, but that’s not what PKE is about. It’s about being vulnerable with y’all as Christians and revealing the inside of my life.

Moving on, at the beginning of this month, my pastor reached out to me with a question I haven’t heard him ask in about a year. He said to me…

Do you mind preaching the 4th Sunday of this month?

Now, my first human instinct was to say, “Oh no no no!”. But, before I could voice my no to his question, I said “yes, I will”.

Why would I do this?! Who knows! However, God was clearly about to use me to give a word prepared for His people.

I will say I am a procrastinator at heart (God is still working on me with this), but when we’re on God’s timing, He reveals the word whenever he sees fit. I was just unaware. As Friday rolled around, God got me in a quiet place away from all distractions to show me what needed to be said.

He led me to Haggai 1:1-13 and 2:1-9.

*insert long pause here so you can go read those verses*

Haggai 1:1-13 highlighted many things for me:

  1. Where are the priorities of the people?
  2. God will purposefully do things to get our attention.
  3. After the Word of the Lord goes forth, we must decide to either obey or suffer more consequences.
  4. Fear God and know that He is with you.

When I applied this to life now, I was speechless. Sometimes we get so caught up in our fleshly self of beautification or distractions around us, we ignore the spirit man dying inside of us. That in verse 5 & 7, there was a reiteration of serious thinking about where our priorities lie. With the revelation of us neglecting our spiritual man, God gives us instruction on what to do and after that we should obey.

However, how often has God tried to get your attention, given you clear instructions, then you ignored what you should do? Where does that often lead us? Still in the same spot.

So, once we obey and rebuild our temple, then what?

In Haggai 2:3-4, the people still felt that the temple being built paled compared to that of the one Solomon built. Now, I thought, “well God, isn’t that like us sometimes.”

We dive deep into our faith, establishing a deeper relationship with God, then suddenly we compare ourselves to others. Asking ourselves, “well why can’t I do that yet?” or “they are closer to God than I am.” But that is not something we should do. Everyone of us has an individual walk with God, and different relationship, and different gifts from Him. As I told the church on Sunday, “you can’t compare someone’s chapter 35 to your chapter 1”. So don’t get discouraged. God reassured the leaders and all the people of the land in verse 4 to “Yet now be strongand work: for I am with you, saith the Lord of hosts;”. That means to persist in building up what you have. Stay committed. Do the work.

So what Haggai 2:1-9 highlighted for me:

  1. Don’t compare your walk with others. Your rebuilding won’t be the same as someone else’s.
  2. Be Strong. Stay persistent and committed to your walk of faith.
  3. God will shake heaven and earth to carry out what needs to be done. That’s God’s sovereignty.
  4. When we commit to rebuilding what we have, it can only become greater than what was previously.
  5. God brings peace.

So at the end of reading this, I feel like now this is a call to action. Not just for myself, but everyone. That we need to “strengthen the things which remain,” and rekindle our relationship with God (Revelations 3:2). That starts with a heart of repentance. In asking for forgiveness, we also must change our behavior or perish (Luke 13:3,5). In Romans 10:13 KJV, it says, “For whosover shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” And that means anyone.

So I encourage you all, as you sit at home, practicing social distancing or if you are one of the few warriors out there still working, to also be reminded of the spirit man inside of you. To strengthen your faith in this time of turmoil. Whether it be fasting, praying, seeking God’s face, whatever it may be, just…


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