Song of the Week

Song of the Week

We’re back at it again with a new month and more purpose!

However, I want to be transparent right now. Usually around this time, I find myself either getting stuck in rut or routine or losing focus since the start of the new year. March is the within the first 90 days of the year, and sometimes the goals we’ve set aren’t met. Sometimes there is a loss of passion which leads to feeling unaccomplished, ashamed, or less than. It feels like we’re just going through the motions.

This March, I have decided a theme: Maintenance March! We’re doing tune-ups, check-ups, etc. to make sure that we aren’t just going about life existing, but we’re living beyond it!

So, Let’s. Get. Into. It!

I ran across this song early February and I was so…shocked! I had to do a double listen because I did not think it was CHH (Christian Hip Hop), but here we are!

The track starts with this eerie guitar riff reminiscent of an early 2000s emo song. However, instead of honing in on dark lyrics of sadness, despair, and angst. Hulvey’s “Motions” presents a reflective look at life at its highs and lows. In an emotional chorus repeating the phrase of “tired of being tired”, the only escape is a turn toward Jesus. We shouldn’t miss out on our purpose by getting distracted. This life is not our own and we’re not just living for ourselves, but for others.

“Where we’re at is not the whole scope of our entire life.”

So when you’re bopping along to this song, remind yourself: God provides an oasis in the desert!


We, Christians, are called to be fruitful/productive. So, when we’re not producing, what should we do? What do you do when you want to escape living through the motions, to live beyond just existence? In the following weeks, let’s unpack together what this means.

Starting with this Song of the Week, throughout the month special posts will be published highlighting questions that many of you may have.

So please comment below what questions you want answered.

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Be Blessed!


2 responses to “Song of the Week”

  1. Nice song! I am tired going through the motions. I got to be me. I always tried to be myself in Christ Jesus. I will use this song as an work out while walking. Song of the week is totally awesome.


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